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What makes our STAR LIFTKET electric chain hoists so special?

Blog Post | May 2022

Electric chain hoists from LIFTKET are characterised above all by their high level of safety. This is guaranteed by various factors, such as the patented safety friction clutch system. The special arrangement of the friction clutch in the hoist motor prevents the load from falling in the event of clutch failure with the aid of the brake – even if the clutch lining is overloaded. Because of this special arrangement of the friction clutch and brake, their heat is safely dissipated without influencing the drive motor and, in combination with a force-cooled motor, enables high duty cycles. Thanks to this, it is theoretically possible to use the STAR LIFTKET reliably even under tropical temperatures. 

Another safety aspect is the electromagnetic disc brake. It ensures safe braking and holding of the load at any height. At the same time, it has low braking delays, infinitely adjustable braking force and minimal wear. Additional heavy-duty limit switches ensure safe lifting and lowering of the load to be transported.

Another bonus is the modular design of the chain hoists. Thanks to this, it is possible to change the motor, the oil-filled and oil-tight gear, the drive motor and also the brake separately if necessary. The unit is then ready for operation again without any subsequent adjustments. Only the clutch adjustment with test load must be carried out again after changing the clutch module.

It is also possible to quickly and safely convert the chain hoist from a single to a double fall version and increase the capacity accordingly. Thanks to a patented solution, this can be done in just a few minutes and is extremely safe against assembly errors.

LIFTKET offers reliability through quality standards

In our factory in Germany, every single electric chain hoist is designed, developed, produced and tested with actual load capacity. With the help of a unique ID, we are able to trace back exactly when which electric chain hoist was built by whom and with which materials – and this even 10 years after production. We have now brought to life all the structural advantages and high-quality components that are hidden at the heart of our chain hoist in a short 3D video. See for yourself and convince yourself of the quality MADE IN GERMANY by LIFTKET.

Our sales colleagues will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us – we will be happy to advise you!

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