Infinitely variable chain hoist for operation on single-phase power networks for a world-wide use.

LIFTKET is presenting its latest product development exclusively at the LogiMAT 2020 for the first time, thus bringing a real world first to the market, which many customers have already requested. The new STAR ONE electric chain hoist is a real all-rounder, suitable for a world-wide use on the market. This means that it offers a real advantage right from the time the product is purchased and the mostly associated preliminary planning. The STAR ONE is operated with a single-phase power network. It has a specially developed frequency converter and guarantees load-dependent and infinitely variable speed control. The basis for this new chain hoist is the STAR LIFTKET series, which has already been proven a thousand times over. Even in its basic version, it offers many advantages: patented safety brake clutch system, temperature monitor and electric limit switches for lifting and lowering. All this with proven quality “Made in Germany”.